About Us

Centuries Old Art Art of Agate Crystals

Orgone Agate represents hundreds of local artists in a town of Khambhat in western state of Gujarat India. Khambhat was the premier port of western India between late tenth to the sixteenth century A.D. Agate & Gemstones was the major trade, Natives of Khambhat practiced crystal art and stone carvings for few hundred years and the art passed down the generations. Orgone Agate is a community, We bring together these artists to produce some of the best crystals in the world. We are passionate about healing the world with crystals. We strongly believe that with help of crystals, we can bring a positive impact in peoples lives.

Our Mission

We focus on crystals as a force for good. We aim to create a world where the vibrations and healing properties of crystals inspire and empower people to express their best selves and achieve amazing things. By bringing clarity and healing we aim to create a world where people live in harmony with themselves and mother earth.

The Meaning

Orgone + aGATE

Similar to what the ancients have called prana, chi, or universal energy. Orgone is the energy that is present in all life forms including human body. An Orgonite  is a balanced mixture of crystals and metal held together with resin, combining healing properties of crystals and accumulated positive orgone energy. Orgonite clears the air arround and neutralizes negative energies such as EMF radiations from electronic products. Constant use of Orgonite crystals with positive intentions will can re-align the human energy field and helps healing and balance of the life force. You really can feel the energy coming forth the orgonite crystals.