The Black Tourmaline Energy Bracelet helps to boost positive energies and protect you from that which would do you harm. It comes with a lovely inky black appearance, but watch out–this stone has some serious mojo! The 8mm round beads make this bracelet perfectly wearable for anyone who adores the vibes of Black Tourmaline.

Looking for something to give you a little extra protection and help you feel more grounded? Then this Black Tourmaline Energy Bracelet is just the ticket. Perfect for those with EMF sensitivity, or anyone who wants to keep their space feeling protected and full of positive vibes, this beautiful bracelet is a must-have!

If you love the vibes of Black Tourmaline then this bracelet is for you. It’s Black Tourmaline, it’s 8mm beads, it’s the perfect choice for anyone who wants to shield themselves from what’s going on in their world today.