• DIRECT ENERGY with our healing crystal wands to remove blockages that are disrupting proper organ and system functions.
    • 5 CRYSTAL WANDS each measure about 3″ long and are facet-cut. They include Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye and Amethyst Crystal.
    • DEFLECT NEGATIVITY and activate emotionally healthy spirituality with this targeted combination of healing crystals and stones.
    • BALANCE MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT to act in harmony, giving you renewed optimism and motivation toward your dreams and success.
    • BLACK TOURMALINE POINT NECKLACE included free. Maintain positive attitudes and encourage good fortune regardless of your circumstances or location.
    • Goodness of healing crystal on travel friendly sizes. Designed by experts to make it light weight – so you never miss your protective shield even outdoor. Plus easy to carry and maintain.

    Power your Chakras to their full potential

    Discover your true destiny with this 6-piece Crystal Wands Set by Ever Vibes. These mighty energy accumulators focus healing powers in a straight line to target specific body parts. Featuring Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye and Amethyst Crystal, this exclusive collection dispels irrational fears, nurtures forgiveness, and balances your chakras for maximum health and well-being.

    Take aim at your ambitions

    Our fine-tuned crystal healing wands supercharge your focus and drive your ambitions to new heights. Their combined positive effects clear your spiritual path of any negative thoughts or fears, replacing them with positivity, self-confidence and an open, accepting heart.

    Focus healing energies where they’re most needed. Add our Healing Crystals Wand Set with Black Tourmaline Point Necklace to your cart today.

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