Orgone Love & Happiness Bundle

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Our Love & Happiness bundle consists of a pair of soulmate pendants and a love attraction pyramid. 
Orgone love attraction pyramid is thoughtfully designed with a combination of powerful stones to attract love and joy in your life. No matter what kind of love you are looking for, you can count on these stones to point your heart in the right direction. If you are reading this you might be someone who believes in unconditional love and harmony around you. This orgone pyramid will help you find all that is good and positive in life.


Made with a mighty combination of the vibrant heart chakra and crown chakra stones, Soul mates pendant will help strengthen the bond between you and your loved ones. This pendant is filled with positive energy to open your heart and to accept love and joy into all areas of life. The amethyst crystals will cleanse your aura, calming your mind and spirit. The rose quartz crystals will resonate with its universal love energy increasing the sense of self-worth and forgiveness

Rose Quartz Amethyst Soul Mates Pendant Set

Beautifully crafted and handmade in India, Soul mates pendant is a great aid in resolving life issues, dispel anger and resentment. 


Rose Quartz is the stone of Love & Emotional Healing. It will open your heart and help your resolve emotional issues and resentment, strengthen the connection with yourself and practice self-love.
Amethyst is a stone of peace and harmony. It will awaken your higher consciousness, Develop intuition & inner peace. Facilitate meditation, calming, and deep sleep.
Malachite is a stone of abundance and manifestation. It’s a great healing stone and guardian of the heart. Malachite will protect against all the negative energies out there. Promoting positive changes in your life.
Clear Quartz is a versatile healing stone, it helps balance and activates your chakra points. Amplifying your energy levels, providing clarity and assistance in communication. 
With intentions of kindness and love, let these crystals charge your life with positivity, peace, and loving energy.


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