Orgone Black Tourmaline Healing Pendant

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The Most Authentic Black Tourmaline Gemstones –These black tourmaline gemstones are 100% genuine. They are mined, polished, and designed in India for ultimate healing, protection, and beauty for the wearer.

Reiki Healing & Spiritual Protection – For thousands of years, gemstones like black tourmaline have been used to improve mood, purify energy and keep chakras balanced. In combination with arts like Reiki healing and Feng Shui, you can protect yourself from negative energy and improve your overall life quality with this beautiful chakra gemstone healing pendant.

Absorb Electromagnetic Radiation – Black Tourmaline is known as one of the most powerful minerals in absorbing electromagnetic radiation that is emitted all around us. This is a perfect crystal pendant to have in a world full of radiation all around us.

100% Hand Designed in India – This chakra gemstone healing pendant was fully mined, polished, and designed by our artists in the beautiful country of India. Each pendant will have its own unique difference that only you will own in the world.

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