Lifeforce lives in all things. Plants, animals, and people are surrounded and fueled by a universal life force that keeps us equally balanced between mind, body, and soul. This life force, known as Orgone, brings us feelings of peace, harmony, and physical balance. It can feel like a powerful motivator with the gentle touch of a quiet stream. Orgone’s dynamic nature allows us to expand in spiritual growth when we align ourselves. To reconnect with the life force, wear this vibrant chakra healing necklace for a gentle push.

In the center of the necklace is a Copper Coil, protecting the seven Quartz crystals from negative energy. Copper is a high-frequency metal that dispels low-frequency energies such as EMF radiation. EMF comes from electronic devices that emit signals to function. Any low frequencies that come across our energetic bodies disrupt the natural balance of life force. Imbalances manifest as emotional instability and psychological distress. This necklace is great for protection against imbalance in the body. When negative energy is cleared, chakra healing can easily flow through to reconnect you to the life force.

With this necklace’s seven chakra quartz crystals, your intentions for a better life are channeled into the soul. The spiritual body can then heal the physical into divine harmony, positivity, and grace.

Physical Properties:

  • Violet Quartz, Indigo Quartz, Blue Quartz, Green Quartz, Yellow Quartz, Orange Quartz, Red Quartz
  • Clear Cast Resin
  • Copper Shavings
  • SBB Coil

Healing Aspects:

  • Intentions: Protection, balance, harmony, and positivity
  • Chakras:  all seven chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown)
  • Where to Keep: Wear as a necklace for close contact healing, transmuting energy
  • Circle Shape: Creates protective boundaries and dispels radiation energy

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