Orgone Citrine Healing Pendant


Citrine Orgone Pipe Necklace – This chakra necklace pendant provides its user the ability to maintain their spiritual well-being in a hectic and crazy world. While wearing this pendant, your metaphysical being will be protected from negative energy and degrading outside influences.

Made of Genuine Gemstone – We at Orgonite Crystal only use 100% authentic gemstones. We know this because we personally mine these gemstones ourselves using an environmentally friendly and sustainable system. Rest easy knowing your chakra necklace pendant will give you real healing energy.

The Light Maker – The Citrine crystal is also known as “The Light Maker” because of its physical appearance and its ability to bring the wearer vibrant and plentiful energy. Like the sun, this chakra-balancing gemstone brings light, brightness, and happiness into a person’s life.

Chakra Balancing – This crystal targets your solar plexus chakra to balance your entire metaphysical presence. This helps you develop personal confidence, happiness, manifestation, and wealth while staying spiritually healthy

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