The word Orgone means life force or life energy. It is also referred to as Ch’i, Prana, Aether, Universal Energy, or Vital Energy. Orgones are a mixture of resin, metals, and crystals that are hardened into various shapes. It is said to attract etheric energy similarly to Dr. Wilhelm Reich accumulators. 

The specialty of Green Jade Point Orgone Pendant:

➨POSITIVE ENERGY PROMOTER Orgone Necklace Cleans and amplifies your personal energy field and surrounding from negative energy and transforms it into a strong, positive, high, and vibrant state.

➨BODY BALANCING Green Jade stone is a symbol of serenity and purity. This STONE of purity balances your HEART CHAKRA to keep calm and harmonize your inner soul. Also soothes the mind, releasing negative thoughts from your body and spread positivity.

➨EMF SHIELD Our Orgone Necklace is made with loving intention for the highest good of all and Protects against entities and EMF (electromagnetic field radiation such as Wi-Fi, TV, Mobile phones, etc).

➨SELF-PROTECTION– Green Jade protects the wearer from harm and brings harmony. This self-protection stone stabilizes the personality and promotes self-sufficiency. Also aids emotional release, especially irritability.

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