Orgone Labradorite Healing Pendant


Reiki Healing Pendant – Provide your spirit ultimate healing and protection for chakra balancing, protection, and happiness. This gemstone targets and balances your chakras to provide you clarity and peace.

100% Authentic Labradorite Orgone –This reiki healing crystal is 100% genuine, mined directly from our source in India. You will receive ultimate protection and charged healing powers because this is a REAL gemstone.

Charged Labradorite Orgone – The Labradorite Orgone is a gemstone that reduces stress and anxiety for its wearer. It helps develop mental clarity and peace to help a person make crucial life decisions.

Aura Cleaning & Vaastu Correction – Use this gemstone pendant necklace to clean your aura and correct Vaastu for spiritual power and calm anxious nerves. A perfect necklace for Women & Men.

Chakra Balancing & Protection – Use this necklace pendant to balance your chakras and charge your natural spiritual energy. It will protect you against negative energy and help you live a peaceful and blissful life.

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