Orgone Malachite Healing Pendant


Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Protection – Give your mind, body, and spirit the peace and clarity it needs during yoga or meditation sessions. It will protect your metaphysical existence from negative energy and keep your spirits positive and uplifting.

Authentic Malachite Gemstones – We at Orgonite Crystal take pride in being one of only a few sellers that sell genuine healing crystals. Our gemstones are sustainably sourced directly from our facilities in India.

The Stone of Transformation – The malachite crystal is known as the stone of spiritual transformation. If you are drawn to this stone, it usually means that you yearn for a new beginning or a change to the way you are living. A perfect aid for anyone wanting to turn the page in life.

Sensational Dark Green Color – This malachite gemstone offers a gorgeous, dark green hue that contrasts beautifully with the coiled copper abstract design. It also looks perfect with the included necklace cord.

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