Orgone Moonstone Healing Pendant

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Reiki Charged Chakra Pendant – This beautiful pendant provides ultimate reiki healing while charging, balancing, and energizing your chakras to help you face negative energy and obstacles in your life. A perfect necklace to wear to protect your spirit.

Orgonite CrystalGenuine Crystal Gemstones –These rainbow moonstone healing gemstones are 100% real and authentic, mined, polished, carved, and designed directly from our facility in India. This ensures ultimate beauty and chakra healing powers.

Rainbow Moonstone, Love & Energy – The Rainbow Moonstone targets your crown chakra to bring you hope, balance, and harmony. It opens up your mind to creative and intellectual ideas for artistic and professional abilities. Further your accomplishments and balance your other chakras for ultimate spiritual and mental abilities.

Beautiful & Charming Reiki Necklace – You truly will never see a more glamorous gemstone in your life! The copper specs and stunning moonstone colors will look amazing around your neck or wrist.

Amazing Coiled Copper Abstract Design – You will love the coiled copper design on the top of the crystal. Its spiraled abstract art will make your pendant stand out and look beautiful around your neck. The stone works with the Third Eye, Solar Plexus, and Crown Chakras. Makes a perfect Friendship Day Gift!

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