Orgone Peridot Healing Pendant


Green Peridot Healing Crystal Pendant – Practice healthy spiritual wellness while wearing this powerful green peridot chakra balancing necklace. Perfect for yoga, practicing feng shui, and other spiritual exercises.

Gemstones Directly from the Source –These reiki healing pendants are crafted from 100% genuine and authentic gemstones for ultimate healing and spiritual powers. Rest easy knowing that this necklace is not crafted from a replica or fake crystals.

Peridot Metaphysical Properties – Peridot helps a person relieve themselves from jealousy, greed, lust, and other negative feelings. It protects its wearer from negative spirits and influences to keep your emotional state balanced and positive.

100% Handmade in India – We have hand-polished, carved, designed, and crafted our chakra balancing pendants to ensure that each and every jewelry piece is unique. You will notice the attention to detail and the beauty of the jewelry piece as soon as you see it. Your necklace will be unlike any other in the world.

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