Orgone Rose Quartz Healing Pendant

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Balance Your Chakras – This healing crystal pendant will help you work towards balancing your inner chakras and providing your spirit-charged energy and protection. On top of its awe-striking beauty, it has numerous benefits for your physical and spiritual health.

Raw & Authentic Rose Quartz – Only genuine crystal gemstones can give you the spiritual powers you need. That is why we at Orgonite Crystal have crafted our pendants with 100% authentic gemstones, directly from our facility in India.

The Stone of Universal Love – The Rose Quartz crystal is known for its ability to target your heart chakra and help you achieve unconditional love for your partner, spouse, family members, and friends. It brightens your spirit and gives you the joy and happiness you need to live a blissful life.

Stunning Pink Color – This gemstone is unlike any other natural material in the world. It has a beautiful light pink hue that will look dazzling as a pendant around your neck or wrist. It will match any outfit and complement your look.

Hand Designed & Crafted in India – These gemstone pendants are mined, polished, designed, carved, and crafted by our hard-working artisans in the beautiful country of India. We promise unique beauty as no two 2 pendants are alike due to our handmade process and copper coiling art.

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