Orgone Selenite Healing Pendant


Protection from Anxiety & Stress – Protect your spirit from negative outside influences while wearing this chakra pendant necklace. It provides the ultimate safeguarding of your spirit while giving you spiritual energy to overcome everyday struggles.

Physical Strength & Metaphysical Ability – The selenite orgone stone has been used for thousands of years to connect to the crown chakra to balance your metaphysical properties. It can raise your awareness and provide mindful powers to take on difficult mental & physical tasks.

Beautiful Crystal Pendant – This healing crystal gemstone pendant will look absolutely gorgeous around your neck. Wear it with a formal or casual outfit to compliment any attire. A perfect way to provide your appearance beauty and your spirit reiki healing powers.

100% Handmade – These necklace pendants are designed and handcrafted in the beautiful country of India for ultimate uniqueness and beauty. No two pieces are the same! You will love the attention to detail of the gemstone carving and copper piping design.

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