Orgone Tiger’s Eye Healing Pendant

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Tiger’s Eye Chakra Crystal – This beautiful chakra reiki healing gemstone pendant will provide you ultimate protection, charged energy, and healing for yoga, reiki, and other holistic health practices. A perfect piece of jewelry for fashion and spiritual well-being.

Gemstones Straight from the Source – These Tiger’s Eye Chakra pendants are mined, polished, designed, and crafted directly from our facility in India. We sustainably source these beautiful healing crystals for ultimate beauty and chakra balancing.

Ultimate Vitality & Protection – The Tiger’s Eye gemstone crystal brings protection, vitality, and luck to its wearer. It promotes mental clarity so you can make everyday life decisions that will benefit your life. A perfect crystal for people of all lifestyles.

Stunning Crystal Gemstone – This beautiful gemstone pendant will look stunning around your neck. The contrast of the coiled copper and deep amber color hues will make everyone wish they had their own!

Always Handmade – We at Orgonite Crystal have extracted our chakra gemstone crystals and hand-polished, designed, and crafted them for ultimate beauty and reiki healing powers. Your piece is 100% unique and there is no other piece of jewelry like it in the world.

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