Orgone Psychic Shield Pyramid


Each person has their own energy that is defined by their intentions, thoughts, and emotions. These transient components all radiate their own frequency, going beyond the individual and permeating the collective aura. As you go about your day, you will encounter hundreds, even thousands, of energies that are not your own. Without truly knowing, you may be influenced negatively by energies that are not your own. To keep your soul balanced and protected, add the Orgone Psychic Shield Pyramid to your home.

The Psychic Shield Pyramid is made up of several minerals and stones that help protect your personal energy. Black Tourmaline, making up the base of the pyramid, initiates grounding of the body through the root chakra. Using its hard exterior and dark color, this sleek stone balances the body and mind. When you are centered in the body, you are less likely to fall victim of psychic attacks from negative auras. Black Tourmaline helps establish clear boundaries (the body) from energetic forces that float around. Atop Black Tourmaline is copper and a Clear Quartz stone. These two have high frequencies which channel Black Tourmaline’s protective nature into the space surrounding. The Clear Quartz also keeps your intentions and thoughts clear from energetic noise; other’s moods and thoughts. The Orgone Psychic Shield Pyramid is perfect for travel, entering new social situations, and crowded workplaces.

Physical Properties:

  • Crystals: Black Tourmaline.
  • Clear Cast Resin.
  • Vibrating Crystal Quartz Point Wrapped with Copper Wire.
  • Copper Shavings.
  • SBB Coil.
  • Size: 3in x 3in x 3in pyramid.

Healing Aspects:

  • Intentions: Protection, balance, presence, stability, comfort.
  • Chakras: root chakra.
  • Where to Keep: WorkplaceOffice, carry to new places or during travel, meeting new people.
  • Pyramid Shape: Channels and transmits intentions for protection dispels negative forces.

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Weight 280 kg

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