Orgone Self-Wisdom Lapis Lazuli Pyramid


Connect with your inner-self and enhance your insight, awareness, and truth with our beautifully handcrafted Lapis Lazuli Flower of Life Pyramid. The “inner-wisdom” crystal is a great aid for meditation because it connects and awakens the third eye chakra. Lapis Lazuli is a royal stone of wisdom and truth. It’s a strong shield against negative energies, improves judgment, and encourages honest communication. It makes you lead your life the way you truly desire.

This pyramid will strengthen your sense of intuition and enable you to express the truth. You will be able to communicate your deeper thoughts with yourself and your peers.

Handcrafted in India with intentions of Self-Knowledge, This crystal enables you to make the right choices that reflect your true self. Improving confidence and trust in yourself.


  • Embedded Copper Wire Wrapped Quartz Crystal
  • Lapis Lazuli and Copper Embedded in Resin Pyramid
  • Size (In Inches): Height- 2.50″ Base- 3.00″ (Approx.)
  • Organic Ecopoxy Resin
  • Handmade in India with intentions of Self-Knowledge & Truth

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