Orgone Thousand Petals Pyramid


Our Thousand Petals Pyramid is the flawless addition to any room to provide a different feel to the atmosphere – a feel which represents everything positive about life. 

It may be difficult trying to get yourself in that happily vibrating mood, but our Thousand Petals Pyramid will help you achieve just that. 

It keeps the air and life force clean and fills the entire room with smooth and positive vibes. The Thousand Petals pyramid is designed using 100% certified genuine material (includes amethyst, cleaned natural crystals, brass metals and other stones) – All of these materials combined stimulates the body in an exceptional way; making you beam with physical, emotional and spiritual energy.

This pyramid in particular has been charged and packed with positive intentions prior to formulation. 

What makes the Thousand Petals Pyramid special is its 7 energy chakras (the 7 energy points in the human body). Plus, the combination of quartz crystals and amethyst absorb negative energy and transforms your surroundings into a high vibe heaven. 


  • It’ll transform your home and spaces to a high vibe heaven
  • You’ll notice a tremendous improvement in your confidence and inner strength
  • It’ll soothe your old emotional wounds by healing your 7 chakras
  • You’ll feel a lot calmer and relaxed throughout the day
  • The incredibly powerful Amethyst can help ease your physical pain 
  • You’ll find yourself manifesting desired changes in your life

Put the Thousand Petals Pyramid in your living room, beside your bed or office for a new beginning.


  • Crystals: Quartz crystals and Amethyst
  • Metals: Copper Particles and Copper Metal
  • Size: 2.5 to 3inches (height), 3 to 3.5 inches (width), and 3 to 3.5 inches (length)

Why buy our Orgone Pyramid?

  • Our Orgone Pyramids are based on the same technology as Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator.
  • Orgone Pyramids protect you from dirty electronic fumes generated by mobile and electronic devices.
  • 17% of your purchase value goes to charities.
  • You’ll be supporting Local Artisans based in India.

Place the pyramid in your office, in your

bedroom, in your yoga studio and feel the positive vibrations surrounding you.

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Weight 220 kg

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