Orgone Wealth & Prosperity Pyramid


Invite success and wealth into your life with our handcrafted wealth & prosperity pyramid with the flower of life.

With the Triple Money Orgonite Crystal Pyramid in your midst, you’ll unleash your full potential for affluence and riches. Made with high-quality Green Aventurine, Red Garnet, and Citrine, and boasting the Flower of Life symbol, it harnesses positive vibes and creative energies to bring opportunities your way for personal growth and good fortune.

The Triple Money Pyramid deflects negative forces, allowing positive energies to thrive. Placed in your environment, this powerful orgone pyramid elicits feelings of confidence and perseverance, which are key to overcoming the fear and phobias that have stopped you from pursuing opportunities for personal fulfillment and great wealth. With newfound faith and belief, you’ll accept these challenges and reap the accolades and rewards for your fortitude.

Open your mind to growth, abundance, and health by placing this in your room next to your bed.


  • Embedded Copper Wire Wrapped Quartz Crystal
  • Green Aventurine, Red Garnet and Citrine, the luckiest of all crystals, and Copper Embedded in Resin Pyramid
  • Size (In Inches): Height- 2.50″ Base- 3.00″ (Approx.)
  • Handmade in India with intentions of wealth & success.
  • Organic Ecopoxy Resin

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